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Keep an eye on Bryant Wood

I’m rarely wrong about this kind of stuff, and I love saying “I told you so”. The first time was about Zac Efron, I predicted his success when he did “Summerland” back in 2005, the second was Josh Hutcherson, when i watched “Little Manhattan”, I told everyone to watch it and nobody understood why. They were young but I already knew they were going to be known all over the world.

So my friends out there just let me say, I told you not once but twice and I was right, so trust me on the third.
Keep an eye on Bryant Wood because the guy is going to to grow up and I will tell you why.

Yes we know Bryant in Italy too

The show biz happens in US. At least this is the italian perception of it. Italy is still the land of style and bella vita but the time when our Hollywood, Cinecittà, was the center of the movie industry is only a good memory… yet. So when a name starts to be known in Italy something is going on. Thanks mainly for his Instagram with more than 600k followers, if you show a millenians one of Bryant’s pic you will heard “Oh, I know him!”. In our land of beauty, we don’t waste time on pretty faces, we need something more, something able to engage our passionate soul. So trust our nose for art, with thousands years of history, and don’t understimate Mr. Wood.

First stop: modeling

Just like Colton Haynes, Bryant started as a model. If we used to judge modeling as a effordless job in which you just need to be goodlooking, America’s Next Top Model made all of us change our mind. For a guy modeling is even harder considered the gym-food discipline you need to maintain. This fact tells us a lot about Bryant and his dedication and let me remind you.. in show biz you need to be focused. Colton did it as well as Tom WellingAshton Kutcher and many others so I dare to say that this early bird career is another sign that the first Bryant steps were well taken.

Bryant Wood’ voice

Every US tv show o flick coming to Italy is dubbed. There are very few italians watching movies with the original sound editing and english acting, so it does not surprise that we have great dubber such as Luca Ward o Pino Insegno. I often watch movie in original language and very often I get very disappointed by the voice of popular actors. I didn’t expect Michael Duglas had a voice like his, as well as with Nicolas Cage. If you wanna seduce an italian heart you need to have a great voice and Bryant Wood has this deep and full voice, I dare you to deny it. He surrounds your sense with it and, I have to say, he uses it quite well.
So play this video, close your eyes and tell me I am wrong!

Bryant Wood Around the world

His Instagram profile tells us Bryant is globe trotter and this can only be perfect for an acting career. We all know traveling opens our minds. An actor is supposed to take a fake person and bring him or her to life, is supposed to take someone else’s life and live it. Every time with every new character an Actor is meant to put himself into a new fantasy world. And if you don’t know the real world you can’t do that. You need experiences, you need to know what there is outside your comfort zone to be real. There’s another actor, among many others, who travels a lot and is getting better and better… Zac Efron.. so I’m wondering how many countries could possibly Bryant put into his characters?

Desire to be great. 📽: @partylikejzl #India #tajmahal #agra #delhi #jaipur #mumbai #wearebryantwood

Un post condiviso da ᵂʰᵒ ⁱˢ ᴮʳʸᵃⁿᵗ ᵂᵒᵒᵈ❔ (@bryantwoodtv) in data:


Ok let’s be serius. Do you wanna be an actor? You need to know acting! That’s it. And how is Bryant Wood at acting? Well better and better. His IMDB page may be not long yet but he has one! I mean, how can you have an IMDB page without acting? In Italy is particularly hard to find his works but thanks to my sister in NYC I got the opportunity to watch many of  them and I have to say he convinces me. He makes me believe his character even if his role is not perfectly tailored on him!

So this is Bryant Wood ladies and gentlemen. A 23 years old guy with passion for acting and a many skills. If you wanna know more about him just google Bryant Wood or visit his Instagram @bryantwoodtv (he also has a second account actually @whoisbryantwood).

One day you will see him in the leading role in a major movie and I will say: I told ya!


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